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How much is “being invisible” on Google costing you?

You’re missing sales because customers can’t find you on Google 
Your competitors are growing because being #1 on Google is a growth-machine
You’re losing time and money on bad SEO strategies that provide zero results

"Get to the first page of Google with an SEO company that knows how to get results...for less than the cost of doing it yourself!"

Get found by “ready to buy” customers

People are searching for your products on Google. Too bad your competitors are getting all the leads.

Boost your website traffic by 654.82%

2x, 3x or even 20x your website traffic with our proven SEO system.

Increase your sales by 231%

More visitors to your website means more sales.

Save Money On SEO 

Don't let other SEO companies RIP YOU OFF for SEO Services.

We know finding the right SEO partner can be overwhelming...

We know you want to grow, but don’t want to waste your time and money on an SEO company that will give you nothing but a headache.

There are so many companies out there, so how do you pick the one that won’t rip you off, but at the same time provide a great return on your time and money? We get that.

That’s why we created a one-of-a-kind SEO system, you can easily understand, and once you do - know you’re in safe hands.

It's called "SEO SCOOP system".

Our pricing is affordable, transparent and straightforward - so you know you’re not getting ripped off at any time (unlike other SEO companies that charge THOUSANDS upfront and have HUGE monthly retainers).

Join 200+ businesses that trust us with their Google rankings.

($247 value)

SEO Results We've Achieved

All the screenshots below are 100% real and authentic, taken from Google Search Console.

514% increase in SEO traffic in 3 months.

239% increase in SEO traffic in less than 40 days.

319% increase in SEO traffic in less than 3 months.

We’ve Helped Small Businesses Outrank MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES With Our White Hat SEO Services

We don’t just understand search engine optimization, we EXCEL at it. We've helped our client Austin Visuals rank #1 for "animation studio" and beat Wikipedia and Pixar along the way (while getting valuable leads).

Clients Are Raving About Antonie and His ELITE Team of SEO Experts

Watch When I Was Featured on Small Business Daily, Voices Of Search & Marketing With Empathy

It’s really easy to start SEO for your website:


You get in touch with us

Book a FREE SEO call with our CEO, Antonie Meeker, in just 30 seconds.


We implement our SEO system

We will explain and implement our proven SEO system for you.


You watch rankings grow

Your Google rankings for your target keywords will grow.

Get found on Google

At AM Marketing SEO we know you're always looking for opportunities to grow your business. To do that, you need to be found on Google. The problem is that getting on top of Google is hard these days.

There are so many SEO experts and companies claiming they "know how to get you on top". The truth is - 99% of them are just scam artists that are legally stealing your money.

They know how to SELL SEO SERVICES and not do SEO. They charge THOUNSANDS upfront and use seductive methods that just "hook you in" while delivering ZERO results.

That's scary and can make you feel overwhelmed and stresses out about picking the right company and SEO strategy.

We believe your business deserves to be seen.

That's why we created a transparent 'SEO SCOOP system' that's both simple, effective and easy to understand.

We've implemented our SEO system and gotten results like 654.82% increase in traffic in only 60 days for service industry or 616.10% increase in traffic in 12 months for a real estate agency.

It's really easy to get started - in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1:
Get in touch with us.

Step 2: We implement our unique SEO system.

Step 3: You kick back and watch your rankings grow.

So contact us today so you can stop your competitors from taking all the Google clicks and sales and start getting found on Google (and generating tons of new leads and sales).

Our unique SEO SCOOP system overview

S - specify

1. Define the keywords you want to rank for
2. Check their monthly search volume
3. Assess the competitiveness of each keyword
4. Keyword mapping

C - core

1. Set up your Google Analytics
2. Create and update sitemap.xml
3. Optimize robots.txt
4. Broken link audit
5. Headings alignment
6. Website tag analysis
7. Google Search Console audit
8. Spammy backlinks disavow
9. Redirects audit
10. Canonical inspection

O - on-page

1. H1 heading tag optimization
2. Subheading tag optimization - h2,h3, h4
3. Keyword frequency optimization
4. Keyword insertion plan
5. Page content analysis and optimization
6. Smart meta title and description creation (metadata)
7. Content upgrade
8. UX optimization
9. ALT image tag optimization
10. Image optimization
11. Keyword standout optimization
12. Competitors content research
13. Internal linking plan
14. Google My Business Optimization

O - off-page

1. High-quality backlinks
2. Do-follow backlinks
3. Anchor text strategic backlinks
4. Do-follow backlinks
5. URL hyperfocused backlinks
6. Permanent backlinks
7. Dripped backlinks
8. Backlinks disavow strategy
9. DA (domain authority) improvement plan
10. Link monitoring

P - progress

1. Google Analytics SEO (organic) reporting
2. SEO rankings (keyword) reporting

SEO SCOOP system explained

our seo service pricing

Cheaper Than Doing SEO Yourself (Do-It-Yourself = $396, Our Fees Start @ $395)

Recommended for start
Aggressive Plan
for low competitiveness niches
Full SEO SCOOP system implementation
Dedicated account manager
Monthly SEO reports delivered via email
No contracts (month-to-month)
Email support
($247 value)
Market Leader Plan
for mid competitiveness niches
Full SEO SCOOP system implementation
Dedicated account manager
Monthly SEO reports delivered via email
No contracts (month-to-month)
Email support
($247 value)
Trailblazer Plan
for high competitiveness niches
Full SEO SCOOP system implementation
Dedicated account manager
Monthly SEO reports delivered via email
No contracts (month-to-month)
Email support
($247 value)
All our plans include email support. SEO service pricing may vary sometimes. Book a free SEO call for a precise quote.

Here's What You Get From Us

1. $2,819/mo worth of elite SEO company services

Our SEO service pricing is more affordable since we're based in Serbia, where everything is much cheaper.

So for a 74% lower fees you'll get EXACTLY the same SEO service as in the US.

But in the US, you'll have to pay $2,819/mo for that (average SEO company pricing in the US, according to Ahrefs).

Why? Because costs are much higher in the US than in Serbia.

That's why we can provide much more value for much lower SEO fees.

On average, you'll save $2,424/mo on SEO service alone (plus the backlinks).

Plus, with us, you'll get $8,823+ worth of backlinks every month as a bonus.

2. $8,823+ worth of backlinks - every month

Now, before we dive into this - what are backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other websites, linking to your website.

The more high-quality (do-follow) backlinks a website has, the higher rankings it gets (on average). According to one study, backlinks represent up to 60% of SEO.

The average pricing of 1 high-quality do-follow backlink is $361 (according to Ahrefs study).

That means that to have excellent SEO growth, you would need to buy at least 25 backlinks/mo and spend $8,823+ every month on buying backlinks alone.

That was unacceptable to us.

So instead of spending thousands of our client's money every month - we went on a shopping spree and bought 80+ high-quality (high DA) websites that we can use to create powerful do-follow backlinks for our clients. We spent $100,000+ of our own money on this venture.

Now - we own 100% of all these websites (100+ websites) and can use them to create as many backlinks as we need to get excellent SEO results for our clients.

That also means you get $8,823+ backlinks value every month with every SEO plan you choose.

3. $396/mo worth of SEO software

We say we're cheaper than you doing SEO yourself.

Yup, that's right.

To do SEO yourself, you'd need all the top (paid) SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, SemRush, SpyFu, Majestic, KW Finder tool, etc.

All these premium SEO tools you'll need cost $396/mo.

Our SEO services are cheaper than that.

And we already have all these tools, and we'll use them to do SEO on your website.

So if you choose to do SEO yourself - that will cost you $396/mo.

If you hire us, if will cost you less than that.

That's why we're cheaper than you doing SEO yourself. On top of all that - you get an elite team of proven SEO experts to work for you (with a proven track record).

It's a no-brainer.

Now, to sum it all up...

You’re getting:

• $2,819/mo worth of elite SEO services (only pros with 55+ years of combined SEO experience)
• $8,823+ worth of high-quality backlinks every month (this represents 60% of SEO)
• $396/mo worth of must-have premium SEO software

So book your free SEO call now ($247 value), and let’s get started ASAP.

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Hello, I'm Antonie Meeker.

My name's Antonie and I'm a serial entrepreneur and founder & CEO @ AM Marketing SEO - Multiple Award-winning SEO company from Belgrade, Serbia. I've been in SEO for more than 10 years now, managed over 500 campaigns and have over 250 active SEO clients from all over the world. I'm also the president and chair @ American SEO Association and I'm frequent quest on FOX, ABC, NewsMax, MarketWatch, etc. I've also been featured on numerous business podcasts like Small Business Daily, Marketing with Empathy, Voices of Search, etc. In my spare time I love traveling, stand-up comedy and playing table tennis with my brother.

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